Over November I’ll be getting out and about around the project area, meeting residents and listening to your views on your streets.

Here are some of the issues I’ve heard so far from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team meeting (30th October) and from asking residents outside the Co-operative (1st November).


  • Poor lighting (Gale Street)
  • Bus routes (Rugby road, Porter’s Avenue)
  • Pavement surfaces
  • Dogs in Parsloes park
  • Rubbish and tipping
  • Need bike parking (in front of shops)
  • Safer cycle routes around the area
  • Speeding around Wykeham Green

If you want to add anything here or join the conversation please do get in touch or add your comments below. The Project launch is going to take place on Saturday 24th November 2012 at a local venue from 10am-12pm so do please come along and share your thoughts. I’ll be posting more details soon.


6 thoughts on “What do you think about your streets?

  1. I have mostly the same issues as listed aboved but here are a few extra that I have listed.
    It would also be nice if we had a bus route that not only went down porter avenue but also went down as far as the Jo Richardson school.
    Alot of the side streets off Porters Avenue are very poorly lit which makes people feel unsafe.
    People fly tipping.
    Also people spitting on the pavements !……Do people this like dog mess can also create illiness.

    • I know Shirley…..its a shame how the streets around this area have become….Im just pleased that at last something is going to be done about it .

      • Hi Jessie,

        Thanks for the comment, I hope you’ll be able to make one or both of the design sessions we have coming up where everyone will be involved in looking at some ideas/options for how to improve the streets in the neighbourhood.

        26th April 3-5pm Roding school hall, Cannington Road
        4th May 11-3pm Wykeham Green

        It would be great to see you there. Kind regards, Phillippa

  2. Dear Phillippa,

    I was pleased to read about the community design project for Porters Avenue. I am late to join the discussion but hope that my comments and concerns can still be taken on board. I am one of the managers of the salon called Hair Lounge, which is on the shopping parade on Porters Avenue. I have spoken to some of the other business owners on the parade and we are in agreement with the points that I am making.

    I understand that one of the points of discussions was a bus route. Would you be able to tell me how this discussion concluded and if you were able to encourage TFL to extend one of the bus routes to service the section of Porters Avenue between Gale Street and Lodge Avenue?

    The other point I wanted to raise was with regards to the trees by the round about. I have looked at the design and I think that it’s great and will certainly improve the look of that area. Our concerns are that people passing across the roundabout are generally not aware that there is a parade of shops. The placement of the trees will make it even more difficult for the shops to be seen. It would be of great benefit to us if information/street signage could be placed on the pavement by the roundabout. The street signage could say Welcome to Porters Avenue Shopping Parade. Underneath could be the names of the shops on the parade. This would increase the awareness of passer-by’s and residents and hopefully remind them that they can shop locally. Please let me know if we will be able to open up dialogue in relation to this.

    I look forward to your response.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Hannah! Thanks for your comments – it’s not too late for them to be taken on board. We are in discussion with TFL re bus routes but this is a long and complicated process which we would need to be able to prove major resident/business support. So if you’d want to help with getting your customers etc to pledge support for this in the form of a petition or something that would be great.

      Also we love your idea about the signage highlighting the presence of the shops on the parade and this is something we would love to discuss with you and other shops keen to support this. Ill pop again over the next week so we can discuss this more but really excited to hear more of your ideas and collaborate! Speak soon, thanks.

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