Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been getting out and about and meeting residents of Mayesbrook ward and listening to what they think about their streets.

Here are some of the residents of Kilsby Walk and what they told me about their local streets:


  • Uneven pavements outside shopping area up to the Co-operative, vans drive up and ruin the pavements
  • Speeding on Porter’s Avenue/Lodge Avenue, not stopping until the very last minute on the zebra crossing
  • Lack of seating in Mayesbrook Park? We can’t walk very far before we need a rest.
  • No bus route on Porter’s Avenue – it’s a long walk to the Health Clinic for us
  • Big problem with dog mess – it’s everywhere, how can we tackle this?
  • The pavement on the corner of Lodge Avenue/Porter’s Avenue gets very icy in the winter and with the cracked pavements is very dangerous
  • Would be nice to have flower beds/troughs belted to the railings. We had some up for the Jubilee and all thought they would be stolen, but they weren’t!
  • People are scared to go to Mayesbrook Park, there was rumours of a stabbing/gangs there a while back, kids play on the corners of Rugby road instead.
  • Drug dealing/taking behind the shops


Do you have any ideas about how to tackle any of these issues? Want to add your views? Get in touch and add your comments below.


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