We asked children at Roding Primary (Cannington road site) to tell us what they would wish for their neighbourhood and the streets around Cannington road. Some children talked about needing to feel safer walking on icy pavements and others talked of making sure the Lollipop Lady is at the crossing before and after school.


Voting with smarties on whether you drove or walked to school is one thing, but both teachers, parents and residents who live around the school talked to us about really wanting to find a solution to some of the congestion and parking problems at pick up and drop off times.

Some of the issues we heard about are:

  • Cars not slowing down for the Lollipop Lady on Porter’s Avenue
  • Parking on the crossing outside the school entrance
  • Dangerous parking on the corner of Rowney Road/Cannington road
  • Dog poo, especially Rugby road
  • Run down play area in Parsloes Park
  • Rubbish collection vehicles not being able to get down Clementhorpe road due to parking
  • Street lighting out on Clementhorpe road
  • Dangerous crossing at both mini roundabouts on Gale street
  • Short window of time to drop children off in which increases congestion

One idea someone had was to have a cut off point around the school to encourage kids to walk in from a short distance at pick up and drop off times. What do you think?



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