One of the issues that many residents have told us they care about is overgrown hedges and rubbish in front gardens or on the street making the neighbourhood look and feel a mess.

In response to resident concerns the council set up Eyesore Gardens in 2009.

In its first month of operation the Eyesore Gardens team cleared 8 tons of rubbish from front gardens. They visited 850 houses and issued 60 legal notices and is working to improve the look and feel of the borough.

You can help by reporting a problem online or calling the team on 020 8215 3010. Use the online form here to report an ‘eyesore garden’ issue or sighting in your neighbourhood.


2 thoughts on “Eyesore Gardens

  1. it is not only rubbish in gardens what about the cars/vans overhanging the pavements many gardens have had cars parked up for months or even in some cases years just rusting away
    they have no tax disc as they are off road the roads in the area are not axactly well lit and i have on occasions walked into the back of overhanging vehicles pavements should be for poeple to walk in saftey

    • Thank you very much Ms Felton. We definitely agree and will raise your query with the relevant council department. If you’d like to email me the exact property number where you’ve noticed this problem that would be great. It’s phillippa.banister@sustrans.org.uk Many thanks

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