Flier12On Saturday 12th January we’ll be asking you to tell us more about your neighbourhood. What you like, dislike and what you would change.

We’ll be in front of the Gale Street/Rugby Road shops from 10am-12pm and keen to hear what you have to say or if you have any questions about the project.

For more information call Phillippa on 07789 653888

We’re also excited to invite you along to a guerrilla seed planting session on public green space in the area. Join us on Saturday 12th January from 12-1pm at the tent just in front of the Gale Street/Rugby Road shops and we’ll take it from there. For inspiration check out Pimp Your Pavement for some ideas on how to take seed planting and improving your neighbourhood into your own hands!

Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your views.


2 thoughts on “Rugby Road/Gale Street: Tell us what you think (Part 3) and seed planting!

  1. RHS and Sarah Raven on BBC showed benefits of planting up wild flowers to attract Bees and Butterflys.It has been found to benefit mental health of residents who live near by..Have always wished to see the amenity green in front of our home planted up rather than mown boring grass that uses fossil fuel and man hours each fortnight, this will save our Authority much needed monies.So these flowers will benefit,Bees and Butterflys will benefit plus the Boroughs Treasury will benefit, so I ask this idea be considered.The programme was shown on 18/07/2012 BBC2,

    • Thanks Barry, that’s a great suggestion and one that we’re discussing with the relevant council departments about how we make an informal agreement to enable residents to ‘take over’ the planting of some of the small green spaces in the area! Watch this space, but fingers crossed as, as you say – vital council cost savings could be achieved through this!

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