DIGITAL CAMERAA big Thank You to everyone who came out on Saturday and talked to us in front of Beke’s Kitchen (despite the freezing temperatures!) as well as all the parents I spoke to at the school drop off on Monday. It was great to meet you all and I’m really encouraged about how many people are committed to coming together to make a difference and improve this neighbourhood.


I thought I’d share with you some of the feedback we’ve been getting so far. Remember you can add your voice on here, disagree or offer suggestions and ideas. This is your platform!

We asked residents to rate four problems in terms of how relevant they are in their opinion.

Residents we spoke to felt that these were the most relevant problems for them: (in order)

  1. Litter/dog poo/untidy garden
  2. Unsafe crossings
  3. Parked cars blocking pavements
  4. Speeding

Do you agree?

Other issues that came out of this week’s engagement activities was the need to improve street lighting. Is there anywhere particular that this is a problem?


Again, the problem of mobility scooters and prams not being able to pass along the pavement due to parked cars and commercial vans blocking the footway, added to by bins on collection day came up. This seems like a really important issue for people who are forced to pass on the road putting themselves and others in unnecessary danger.


Dog poo, dangerous pavement surfaces and speeding were also popular issues along with suggestions for covered seating infront of Beke’s Kitchen, a public toilet in Parsloe’s Park entrance and better places to eat at the shop parade.

One of my favourites is the call for “More community participation in cleaning areas and maintaining flower beds” which is something that I think we can really make progress on. More details to follow…


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