WhatIsee2From the beginning of this project a key partner in DIY Porter’s Lodge has been Roding Primary school on Cannington road and it’s been great getting to know some of the very well behaved students and talking to lots of parents in the playground throughout the project so far

Most recently we’ve been talking to the whole school about who likes to walk and cycle to school, why they like to walk, cycle and scoot to school and what would make it easier and safer for more people to do this. Lots of the kids had great ideas about what they like to see when they walk to school and what they don’t like to see. Have a look at some of their drawings above and below.WhatISee

After assembly we talked to School Council representatives from each year group to get an idea about what would make the streets and area around the school safer and more attractive.

Here are some of their comments:

  • I don’t feel safe to cross the road when the lollypop lady’s not there and there’s no adult with me.
  • We need more speed limit signs
  • My mum is worried about cars and strangers
  • In front of school people park where they’re not supposed to and then there are fights
  • The playground in Mayesbrook Park is too small
  • There’s too much dog poo and litter
  • We need more speed cameras

When talking about what would improve the street the school council wanted to see more:

  • Bikes – 4 votes
  • Friendly people – 5 votes
  • Flowers and trees – 4 votes
  • Lollypop Lady – 3 votes
  • Birds – 2 votes
  • Sunshine – 2 votes

Do you agree with the School Council?

Many thanks to all the staff, teachers and students at Roding Primary for being so enthusiastic about the project and really supportive!


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