Over the last few weeks we’ve been asking business owners on Gale Street and Porter’s Avenue finding out what will improve the two shopping parades for both their customers, business and the neighbourhood.

Here’s what they said. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree, please add your comments below.

Gale Street:

  • There’s always rubbish on the pavement
  • Paint the railings, add more colour and cameras!
  • Make the junction safer for pedestrians. We need more security and flowers.
  • Improve safety of the junction and coordinate roadworks.
  • Illegal parking blocks the driveway to the taxi firm
  • We need benches and a place to hang out
  • Move the zebra it’s in the wrong place
  • Remove the railings, put benches and plants, move bins
  • CPZ means customers can’t park

Porter’s Avenue:

  • Pavements need improving and bark/soil needs to replace gravel in flower beds
  • Pavement surfaces need improving add double yellow lines on North side of road and more parking
  • After school kids cause trouble – we need more police
  • We need more bike parking, improve the general look of the parade
  • Pavement needs resurfacing, kids jump through the back cut, we need CCTV
  • We need more local shops – a range of these and cafes. Also a bus route
  • Dropping litter in front of my shop is a problem and dog mess
  • Improve young people’s attitudes and language



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