Following the workshop last week we now have two different options that residents have developed for each of the four priority areas residents chose.

We started off with two blank design options per group for each area and together residents chose one to develop with stickers of different street ‘accessories’ by deciding where to put benches, bins, crossings, colour, bollards, lights as a group.

These two options will then be displayed on five chalkboards throughout the area for all other residents to vote on. So please do have your say and vote as versions of these designs really will be built in your neighbourhood very soon!

IMG_7001 - Version 2

Getting sticker happy with our streets!


Cannington road outside the school

IMG_7167 - Version 2

Cannington road outside the school version 2

IMG_7165 - Version 2

Gale street/Rugby road junction

IMG_7155 - Version 2

Gale Street/Rugby road version 2

IMG_7156 - Version 2

Roundhouse roundabout

IMG_7159 - Version 2

Roundhouse roundabout version 2

IMG_7157 - Version 2

Porter’s Avenue crossing to Cannington road

IMG_7161 - Version 2

Porter’s Avenue crossing to Cannington road version 2

IMG_7163 - Version 2

What do you think? It’s not too late to get in touch and have your say, don’t forget to vote on the chalk boards in the neighbourhood too.

IMG_7066 - Version 2



2 thoughts on “We Co-designed, now it’s your turn.

  1. It is difficult to see what the different coloured splodges and symbols on the designs mean without a key. With regard to the area on Porters Avenue near the Coop & the Roundhouse pub, I am in favour of the 1 hour parking bays by the shops – as long as it is only for daytime -ie allowing nearby residents to use them to park overnight. It is very important that further up the road we do not lose any residential parking as it is already pretty challenging finding anywhere to park near your house at times. Encouraging people to park thoughtfully and considerately would be good – thus maximising the number of cars that can fit along the road and pavement. I am in support of the uneven pavements getting attention and also any measure put in place to try and reduce the amount of dog poo ! A couple of benches and pots of plants outside the shops would probably improve the look of the area (the flowers during the Olympics did look quite nice) – but I would also like to see all the concrete bollards that are sprinkled on the pavement opposite – outside the pub and along by the taxi cab office disappear – they are ugly and just get in the way ! With regard to comments about children playing in the street – I really do not think it is practical as there are just too many cars about. I think people are just looking back into the past with rose-tinted glasses. Those days are gone – and there is a perfectly good park nearby for them to play in, for heavens sake !

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for your comments, it’s great to get feedback. We’re working on getting a couple of artists impressions of what the area could look like for both options as I agree, from these pictures it’s not very clear what the designs from the workshop are actually suggesting! They will be posted on here and on the chalkboards as soon as possible. Thanks for your comments about parking, unnecessary bollards and pavements which are shared by other residents we’ve heard from which are tackled by all design options being developed from the workshops. The good news is both options for this area feature a couple of benches and pots of plants so, as you say, this will go some way to improving the look and feel of the shop parade. Thanks again for your comments, we’ll be having our next big meet up on 4th September so do please check for more details on here and I hope to see you there! Please feel free to get in touch with any other comments and suggestions etc.

      Many thanks, Phillippa

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