A big thank you to everyone who came down last week to ‘Spruce up the Bridge’. We had a great day and achieved so much in a short time through working together.

The Barking and Dagenham Post covered the story here.

We carried out a deep clean of the alley way, stairs and bridge before splitting into different teams to paint the sea green wave over the rust at the base of the bridge and also planting a vertical garden in recycled bottles from the borough’s recycling team.

A big thank you to residents and the borough’s community payback team who worked professionally and creatively to improve the bridge for everyone.

However, this is just the start. At a later date we’ll be back with different resident groups, and more paint to work at decorating the rest of the bridge to make it much more pleasant for everyone who passes through. We’re waiting for a bin to be put in the alley and we also need your help to care for the flowers growing in the vertical garden. If everyone who uses the bridge  helps out with watering or planting occasionally they’ll be a lovely array of flowers for everyone to enjoy. and really brighten up the alleyway making it feel safer, more cared for.






The vertical garden:


The team:






What do you think of the changes? What would you like to paint here? Are there any other places like this in the neighbourhood that could do with a lick of paint? Can we help you to organise a clean up or another spruce up with resources or extra help? Get in touch if you have an idea for a project and we can help make it happen. Image


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