Thank you to everyone who came down to meet us on Wednesday. We set up a sort of urban living room on the street to really try and demonstrate the thinking behind more ‘liveable neighbourhoods’ and showing the effect this has on helping to bring the community together and on tackling high traffic speeds.

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We spoke to about 60 people throughout the day over the three different locations we set up. Most people were really excited about the designs and the fact that they are actually going to really happen and things should start to move around the end of this year!

Here are some resident comments on the designs:


Gale Street/Rugby Road

  • It looks much more pleasant and green – a real improvement!
  • The sun looks so beautiful!
  • It’s good it will be much easier to cross
  • What will the sun look like in a few years?
  • It will be good to have some places to sit down
  • We need more safe cycle parking at the station


Cannington Road

  • Looks much safer and more fun!
  • Their needs to be less traffic in the first place – people need to walk to school.
  • It looks much more like a school is on the street so people will slow down
  • Will the school be able to maintain the planters?
  • It’s great they’ll be a bin in the design


Porter’s Avenue

  • It will be much easier to cross the road and go shopping
  • It looks much more open and attractive with the trees
  • It will be great to have the paving resurfaced, very smart
  • Can we have paving stones the children have designed?
  • It will look really posh!
  • Are we sure the tight radius of the roundabout will slow traffic down?

All in all a very positive day. We’re in talks with Highways as these designs get finalised…we’ll keep you posted. Thanks to everyone who came out, it was great to see both familiar and new faces. Don’t worry if you missed us, we’ll be updating the noticeboards and having another opportunity for you to see the designs and raise questions, changes on 21st September outside Beke’s Kitchen 11am-2pm.





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