You are warmly invited to join us and view the latest set of designs drawn up from the community design workshops as part of DIY Porter’s Lodge. These changes will make junctions and crossings, chosen by you, safer and more attractive.

Join us for the first Street Trial which will kick off the temporary testing and trialing phase of the project before the final designs are submitted. Come along to see what some of the proposed changes could look like and help us experiment with temporary on street seating. Join us to help create places that feel better and safer to live in and move through.

This ‘on street’ event is free and open to all. Everyone is welcome to meet us with ideas, challenges of questions!

We’ll be outside Beke’s Kitchen on 21st September from 11am-2pm as well as the designs we’ll also have:

  • Free Dr Bike service who can give your bike a service, for free!
  • Cake sale (please bring cakes to add to the stall!)
  • Free portrait photographs of you and your dog
  • Information about local bike rides and walks coming up
  • Face painting (hopefully!)

So come and down and bring your neighbours! Looking forward to seeing you there.




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