We had about 80 residents come down to join us for the straw bale street trial on Saturday! There was a great atmosphere as we used the bales to show how the proposed changes will alter the kerb alignment at the Gale St/Rugby Road junction. By using the bales whilst the road was still open we could see that the build out and tightening of the crossing point made it much easier for everyone to cross the road safely as well as slowing traffic down. There was great feedback from residents about the designs and a real show of community spirit so thanks to everyone who joined us.


Residents coming together at the street trial, enjoying the urban living room


Cars turning slowly due to the narrowing, people feel safer in the road and when crossing where they want to.

We enjoyed facepainting, making smoothies on the smoothie bike, live folk music and having a sit down on the temporary ‘urban living room’ created out of palettes. Although the palette seating has now been dismantled the intention was to leave them out for one week whilst the camera filmed so we could see how the seating and space was being used. Many residents have told us they want more places to sit down and rest throughout the area so we wanted to see if seating would attract any anti-social behaviour. Not to worry though, we will make sure the palettes are taken away at the end of filming at the weekend, the last thing we want is to make the palettes look like they’ve been left there!


Now we’ve tested the designs and seen the effect they had on slowing traffic and making it a safer junction for people to cross the next step is for the designs to go through the Council’s safety audit processes before construction starts which, all going well is planned for November – March. I’ll send regular updates and keep checking the blog for more information. Do have a look at the designs on the chalk boards around the area and make sure you get in touch if you have any questions or comments!



Facepainting was very popular


…as was Dr Bike!



The smoothie bike made delicious smoothie’s for everyone (only if you pedal fast!)




Great community spirit shown when clearing up the hay


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