To celebrate Halloween we organised a Halloween Bike Ride through the DIY Porter’s Lodge area, Mayesbrook and Parsloes Park. It was a great route suitable for cyclists of all abilities mostly off road or on quiet roads. If you’d like to organise an easy starter ride through your area this is the one for you. Follow this link for the route in Google Maps.


It was great to see about 20 cyclists of all ages join us, in fancy dress with scary face paints to cycle around the area showing everyone that it’s a great, safe and fun way to get around. We stopped off at 4 spooky stations around the route to make the ride even more fun.


Spooky station 1: Parsloes Park – the Haunted Hedge! A 600 year old hedge planted by the Fanshawe Family, or before!


Spooky station 2: Cut through of Waterbeach and Cannington roads – The Bag of Slime!

Spooky station 3: Apple tree bobbing in Mayesbrook Park


Spooky station 4: Scary Soup back in Parsloe’s Park

What are your favourite bike rides or walking routes in the local area? If you’ve lived in the area for a long time where did you used to go for walks or to play with your friends?


A big thanks to everyone who came along to join us for the bike ride and for facepainting before. This is just one of the activities organised as part of DIY Porter’s Lodge. Redesigning streets and spaces chosen by residents to make the neighbourhood safer and more attractive and enabling more people to walk and cycle for more everyday journeys more often.

Get in touch with Christabel on 07833 057603 to find out more about Getting Active in your neighbourhood and contact Phillippa on 07789 653888 to find out more about how you can get involved with improving the streets and spaces in your local area.


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