At the start of the engagement for DIY Porter’s Lodge lots of people we spoke to talked about how they wanted to build pride in the Becontree community that they felt wasn’t there. In order to do this people told us we needed:

‘ More flowers and planting’

‘ I want to change people’s attitudes towards each other and litter’

‘ Make sure front gardens and hedges are kept neat and tidy’

‘ We need a litter and dog poo patrol!’

Therefore we’ve decided to organise a DIY Porter’s Lodge: Clean Up Becontree event on Rugby road which is a popular pedestrian route to the Parks and station. Join us on 30th November 2013 from 11am – 4pm and we’ll be able to come together to do a litter pick along the road, over the Ironbridge and plant some bulbs in some of the green areas.

In response to resident’s suggestions there will also be a FREE SKIP for people to use for all the larger items  you’ve been meaning to get rid of or would like to recycle – priority will be given to items in front gardens.

It’ll be a gathering of local people who want to do their bit to make a small change and have a positive impact on the neighbourhood and it’s future. Everyone is welcome – free tea and cake for all helpers!



Please meet us in front of Beke’s Kitchen, 484 Gale Street at 11am wearing old clothes and with gloves if possible. Thanks to the Mayor of London’s Capital Clean Up for awarding us a Clean Up Kit for our event!


2 thoughts on “Cleaning up Becontree!

  1. Yes! We’re working on it. Trying to not to have too much clutter on the street which makes it difficult for people to get along the pavement but I agree – definitely needed! Hope to see you soon.

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