All of the problems that we’re trying to ‘design out’ to make the road outside the Roding Primary school safer for children, residents and parents are related to unsafe parking and high traffic speeds.

The design that residents and urban designers have come up with is lovely – the idea is to narrow the street in an unconventional way (by using curves rather than the usual chicanes etc) to encourage drivers to slow down and cyclists to take up more space in the road. All this is designed to slow cars down to a safe speed and make people, especially children a visible priority. By removing barriers pedestrians will be able to cross the road safely where they want to, instead of being channeled to one crossing place which often isn’t where people want to cross leading them to cross dangerously and allow cars to speed down a road with the pedestrians on the pavement.


Of course the ultimate way to make it safer to cross is by making it more pleasant to walk and cycle to school by reducing the number of parents who drive to school. Obviously for some people this is unpractical but for those who live nearby the school we’re really keen to enable more parents to walk or cycle to school. This year Roding Primary school has become a Sustrans Bike It school which will mean all children will receive cycle training as well as some parents. Another way that will encourage people to walk to school is the Bollard design art project that some Year 5 and Year 6 have been working on. Here are some inspirational bollard designs from around the world.


images (1)

The bollards that the children are designing will be painted on to existing bollards throughout the neighbourhood to create a fun walking trail through the area encouraging children and their parents to walk and enjoy seeing their lasting legacy in their neighbourhood. Here are some of their initial concept designs inspiring the characters in the story that will be portrayed on the bollards!

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2

Thank you to all the children and teachers at Roding for getting behind this exciting project with such enthusiasm! We can’t wait to see the final designs.


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