We’re pleased to announce that construction has begun at the first of three locations in Becontree and the designs that over 350 residents have developed at over 28 different community events throughout the last year are actually being built! banner2

This is really exciting and proves that by bringing a community together to design improvements to streets and spaces can result in real change!

As some of you will have seen the improvements to the Roundhouse junction on Porter’s Avenue and Lodge Avenue have started. As you know the changes will make the shopping parade more attractive and zebra across Porter’s Avenue safer.

Resurfacing the pavement around the shops and raising the level of the road to the same level of the pavement will slow traffic down and create a more people friendly area.

We apologise if these works cause any difficulties or disruption but please bear with us as the end result will create benefits for everyone! If you have any questions or queries do get in touch by emailing phillippa.banister[at]sustrans.org.uk

I hope you share our excitement at this time as we start to see everyone’s designs and ideas actually take shape and improve the area! Do take pictures of the work and post them on the Facebook page here as we want to take the opportunity to capture the transformation together.

The circular tree pits going in

The circular tree pits going in

Keep up to date with the design whilst it's being built!

Keep up to date with the design whilst it’s being built!

The cleared site

The cleared site

JCB time!

JCB time!


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