Children from Roding Primary school on Cannington Road who’ve been involved in creating the new bollard designs to be placed throughout the neighbourhood took time out the other week to visit us on site and see the street improvements being constructed outside their school and at Porter’s Avenue.

As well as seeing how the designs in the flesh the children got the chance to understand how and why they are going to slow traffic down as well as asking the contractors questions about their roles and route in to the construction industry.


Thoughtful questions from the young students included: ‘Did you have to build a lot with Lego when you were little so you could do this job?’ ¬†Funnily enough this design was created at workshops with residents where Lego, and other 3D model kit elements were key in coming up with ideas and design to solve the problems parents, children and residents around the school told us about in terms of high speed, parking and congestion. See pictures from various workshops and events we’ve held over the last year or so to co-create the designs now being implemented.



IMG_7066 - Version 2

Walking through the neighbourhood to Porter’s Avenue the children had the idea to paint fun coloured footsteps showing the route to the Park. This is a fantastic idea which we’ll hopefully be able to implement (at least in temporary paint) and will help to encourage parents to walk to school instead of driving, where possible, or at least for part of the way. This also gave us the chance to check out some of the work the contractors have delivered and spot a mistake! Can you spot what is wrong with the picture below? Good job we spotted this so it can be corrected before the designs are finished. (Answer at the bottom of the page).


The picture below shows the children taking a look at the progress taking place on Porter’s Avenue junction and understanding how the trees, circles and speed table will all help to slow the traffic down making it easier and safer for people to cross the road and move around the shop parade.


The concept designs created by the students for the new bollards for the neighbourhood. These will be installed and painted over the next few months.


Admiring the new (incomplete) design outside the school and imagining how it will look when finished (with trees, bench, proper parking bays and planter added!). Thank you for your continued patience!


Answer: Did you spot that the mistake in the picture shown is that there’s no drop kerb at the crossing point (shown by the tactile paving on the pavement). Well done if you spotted it! Without drop kerbs it’s difficult to cross for push chairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.


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