As the month’s of 2014 trundle by and we reach Spring (!) I wanted to share with you exciting news of how the work is progressing at all three locations – the designs are really taking shape. Once again, thank you for your continued patience as the work progresses. Porter’s Avenue and Cannington Road are not yet finished and waiting for street furniture (benches, planters, bins etc) to be added, parking bays to be marked as well as the trees and planting. I’m sure you will have seen that work has also now begun at the Gale Street junction to tighten the turning into Rugby road making it slower and therefore safer and easier to cross. We have adapted designs from the original plans which included a seating area in front of what was Beke’s Kitchen, taking on board concerns from local residents we’ve now removed the ‘urban living room’ feature due to fears that without the café there it might become an ‘attractor’ for anti-social behaviour. However, for older people who told us they wanted somewhere to rest and sit down for a while there will be the option of sitting on the edge of the raised planter which creates a more informal seating option for a quick rest.


The completed raised table and ‘free’ crossing across Porter’s Avenue. Waiting for trees now!

For everyone who has seen the latest work on Porter’s Avenue and has concerns over the narrowing of the road width and circular planters being run over we want to reassure you. The reason why the road is narrow is to ensure speeds are slower. Trucks and articulated lorries do have sufficient space – we have tracked this. If careless drivers do go over the planters they will be robust enough to support their weight (they will be filled in with concrete after the tree and grate has been added) but the main point of the design is being achieved as by far the majority of vehicles are already slowing down significantly. Once the scheme is fully completed we will be able to closely monitor traffic speed and volume to compare this with before the works and address any issues that arise in good time before the project ends in September. It’s in everyone’s interest that the scheme works to create the improvements everyone wants so we won’t let there be any issues left unresolved.


Smart ‘tegula’ blocks in the central reserve


The crossing outside the school is now in use as seen in the picture below from Good Parking Day – please read more about this in our post about the event (coming soon)! It’s the same story but we’re still waiting for bollards, paint, bench, trees, shrubs and marked parking bays here too but you can get a good idea of how the design is already affecting the speed of traffic, making it a much more ‘liveable’ street for all those using it! What do you think?


In the pictures below you can see the work starting on the Gale Street junction to tighten the crossing making it easier, safer for pedestrians to cross and slow speeds around the shops,  park entrance and gateway to the neighbourhood.



The smart new recycling bin area


The build out to make the crossing much shorter and tightening of the corners to slow speeds as cars turn in.

As ever, we’re eager to update you on any dates we have for the final touches! The final surfacing wont be able to be delivered until the weather is consistently better so we’re looking at the Cannington road surfacing being laid in Summer half term and Porter’s Avenue to be completed by May.

Finally, a date for your diary we’re excited to announce that the Big Launch Party, across all three sites of the changes in the neighbourhood is going to be on the 21st June. Everyone is warmly invited to join us to celebrate the changes and the residents who’ve been involved in creating them along with their vision for the neighbourhood and taking action to improve it.

We’re currently looking for people who are interested in getting involved in our planning super team for this event so please do email phillippa.banister@sustrans.org.uk to find out more.


3 thoughts on “Construction continues!

  1. Sorry but I have to ask this question has anyone brought up rugby road were the iron bridge come over from Stanford road as many children and parents with pushchair use this as a way for getting to and from rodings school and Jo Richardson community school it was brought up when jrcs was at the site rodings is now there are cars parked on the rugby road pavement and in the road oppsite the iron bridge walk over as always been a accident waiting to happen most of the cars are people who do not live local they park here as they travel by train we need parking permit s in clementhorpe road cannington road and rugby road between water beach and cannington road next time you pass check out how rugby road is double parking and how the children have to cross from iron bridge walkover thank you x

    • Hi Jo,

      Thanks for your comments. We definitely agree and this issue has been brought up by lots of residents/parents etc as the pedestrian access along Rugby road and across it to get into Cannington at the ironbridge is really poor.

      Whilst drawing up potential alternative parking arrangements to test with residents we’re also planning to paint a temporary colourful crossing on the road, hopefully with children from Sydney Russell school to really draw people’s attention to the fact many people are crossing here – to slow them down and be more aware of children popping out from behind parked cars.

      It’s tricky because as you say, resident permit parking ends just before the ironbridge. When we spoke to lots of people who live along rugby road there was mixed response to the suggestion from some residents of extending it. Some people were really keen and others were really against paying for a parking permit.

      We agree it’s a big problem though as makes it difficult to walk along Rugby road especially with pushchairs or mobility scooters etc. We will continue to update you on progress with this issue but thanks very much for letting us know your thoughts.

      Many thanks


  2. I would suggest putting width restrictions along rugby road as 4x4s and vans (including council vans) really do fly over the speed bumps on rugby road. Like jo said, the requested crossing is well overdue.


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