On 25th March we held an event at the start and end of school to celebrate Good Parking Day! The new designs slow traffic speeds outside the school gate to make it safer to walk, cycle and scoot to school. We spoke to over 80 parents about the scheme and new designs and the work we’re doing in the area.



Without the barriers people are able to cross safely where they want to as the traffic is slower

This spring and summer we want to parents and children to try walking, cycling and scooting to school or for people who live far away we’re promoting safe places to park and then walk one of the fun trails to school. We’ll also be adding some exciting surprises to brighten up the walk to school routes very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


Our fun walking route map from safe parking spots to school

As well as talking to parents in cars about safe places to park we handed out leaflets with walking/cycling maps of the area highlighting the walking routes and places to park as well as promoting our Big Red Walking Bus! Do you go to Roding, do you want to get on board with our pilot Wednesday Walking Bus during the summer term? If yes please leave your details with the receptionist and we’ll get in touch!


Join our Big Red Walking Bus!


Talking to parents about safe places to park


Local residents out to support






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