It has been an exciting few weeks in Becontree as the designs are really taking shape. The trees have now been planted at Porter’s Avenue and Cannington Road. They look fantastic, softening the streetscape and dramatically reducing traffic speeds by adding a vertical element to the design. The small trees in the central reserve are Rowan’s, the ones along the edge of the road are London Planes and the big ones in the planters set back from the road are Red Oaks. The council will be maintaining these trees but feel free to add a little water during the summer months if they look like they need it! Every little helps so do feel empowered to help out when you can. At Porter’s Avenue we’re still waiting for parking bays to be marked, the final surface and benches and bollards to act as barriers to stop dangerous parking but these should be arriving before the end of May.


Porter’s Avenue: Before


Porter’s Avenue: After with trees planted

Work is progressing at Gale Street/Rugby road and I’m sure lots of you have admired the beautiful block paving job the contractors have done on the circles. We have also just installed two trial benches around the planter, in front of Beke’s Kitchen These have been donated by the contractors so we’re going to be testing how successful seating at this location is. These benches will be closely monitored to see if any problems around antisocial behaviour develop; we welcome everyone’s feedback on this. There will be trees planted in the planters along with flowers, please get in touch if you’d like to help maintaining these – we have a few volunteers already but new volunteers are always needed and very welcome.

Beautiful block paving

Beautiful block paving


Narrowed junction to slow traffic speeds and ensure a safer crossing


New home for the recycling bins


Large circular planter taking shape

We apologise for any disruption caused during construction but we’re confident that, when finished, these designs will look fantastic and be successful at dramatically reducing traffic speeds which we’ll be measuring after the designs have been completed. In the next couple of weeks the whole junction will be raised onto a speed table which means the circular paving will be the same level as the road. This will ensure that speeds are slower and make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists making the crossing in or out of Parsloe’s Park.

If you’d like to get invoived in finding out more about the project or designs please join us on Saturday 3rd May. We’ll be taking residents through the designs on site at Gale Street/Rugby Road at 10-11am before heading to Porter’s Avenue for a flower planting session in the tree pits from 11am-1pm. Everyone welcome, refresments provided. For more details check out our Facebook page.


Tree pits waiting for flowers (Come and help plant on 3rd May!)

Flowerplanting2Once again, we apologise if the works are causing any difficulties or disruption but we’re hoping you can bear with us as the end result will create benefit for everyone. As ever, if you have any questions about the designs or construction process, do get in touch and I will try to answer them. Thanks again for being involved so far – it’s hopefully starting to feel worthwhile!


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