We’re excited to invite you to our DIY Porter’s Lodge: Celebrate event on 21st June between 10am – 4pm! 

Everyone is welcome and we’re going to be celebrating the designs (almost finished) at each of the three site locations! This is going to be a big event to really celebrate the co-design process and work that so many community members have put in to this project to reach the stage we’re at of the great looking junctions designed with people at their heart.

Here’s is a brief plan of activities for the day so we hope you can join us for this fantastic and free event!


10am – 12.30pm  Tea Party at Cannington road

We’ll be supported by busker resident Stuart and celebrating the new crossing outside the school with a Cake Stall, bling your bike, fun bike course, smoothies, games and refreshments!


1pm – 3pm Outside the Roundhouse

We’ll be enjoying the Sunshine Swing Trio, having a dance on the green dance floor, learning knitting from resident Margaret and enjoying free tea, coffee and cupcakes courtesy of the Roundhouse! They’ll also be gardening happening around the trees with the chance to adopt a flower and also inspiring the forming of a Light weeding club! Kids can paint their own footprints too.


2pm – 4pm We’ll be down at Gale Street/Rugby Road…

For more live music and the opportunity to redesign the pattern for the junction, chatting flamingo’s and shutters with James from TAG, pedal your own smoothie AND your own film featuring all the junctions BEFORE their improvements!

If this isn’t enough to tempt you along Sustrans Active Travel Officer Tom will be running a Dr Bike and mini fun neighbourhood bike ride around all three locations throughout the day which will follow a fun treasure map course encouraging children to cycle around collecting the gold stars which will be hidden throughout the area to win bike related prizes! Hope to see you there, don’t forget to bring your neighbour along too.

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