As you will see the designs are very nearly finished and we’re waiting for the final touches to be put in place over the summer before monitoring and evaluation begins. As usual all your questions are very welcome so please feel free to get in touch – you’ll find contact details at the bottom of this post.

Cannington Road 

Before at Cannington Road

Before at Cannington Road


Work so far at Cannington road

Outside the school we’re waiting for 5 globe bollards and a layer of blue surface for the carriageway as well as barriers which will display children’s artwork for parents and residents to enjoy.  Join us on the 21st June at the School between 10am – 12.30pm where we’ll be having a Tea Party! You can look forward to Bling Your Bike, Busking, Cake Stall, Refreshments, Smoothie bike, Bike Games and lots more! 

Porters Avenue 

Before at Porters Avenue

Before at Porters Avenue

Works so far at Porters Avenue

Works so far at Porters Avenue

Parking bays have now been marked at agreed locations so please do remember that any parking outside of these areas will now be liable for a parking penalty so please try and leave your car at home if possible. Thank you to everyone who helped us plant up the circular bed around one of the new trees. Want to adopt a flower on your high street? Join us on Saturday 21st June between 1-3pm to plant yours! As well as planting they’ll be live music from the Sunshine Swing Trio, free tea, coffees and cupcakes, dancing and more! At this location we’re waiting for bollards and benches to stop cars driving on to the pavement – these bollards will eventually be decorated by designs created by children from Roding Primary School to encourage more students to walk and cycle to school and around the neighbourhood. Buff coloured surface will also be added on the pavement to even it out.

Gale Street/Rugby Road 

Before at Gale Street/Rugby Road

Before at Gale Street/Rugby Road

Works so far at Gale Street/Rugby Road

Works so far at Gale Street/Rugby Road

At this location we’re waiting for four globe and two wooden bollards to be strategically placed at this junction to make sure that cars are unable to run over the circles and ensure pedestrians are protected. We’re also waiting for the circle around the tree in the build out to be paved over and a tactile crossing added as in the planned design; this will be completed as soon as possible. Hopefully you will all have seen or heard about the famous Dagenham ‘star’ which, unfortunately, was with us for only a few days! It was great to have so much media attention and interest in this non-standard road marking, created in community design workshops, which was working really effectively to slow traffic down. The ‘star’ pattern was deliberately unconventional in its design aimed at refocusing the street around people, instead of cars, and making it safer and more pleasant for the whole community. The pattern was designed with residents as an effective approach to increase drivers’ awareness of the surroundings, other road-users and slow traffic speeds as well as drawing attention to possible crossing points suggested by residents.

The decision to remove the star temporarily was out of our control but you’ll be pleased to hear that on the 21st June between 2pm-4pm in front of 484 Gale Street we’ll be redesigning a pattern to go over the junction to have a similar traffic slowing effect. So please do come along if you’d like to have your say in this. Everyone is very welcome.

For questions, clarifications and concerns please do get in touch.

Email: phillippa.banister[at]sustrans.org.uk

Phone: 07789 653888 / 020 7780 7205

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DIYPortersLodge


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