It’s been a busy few weeks for DIY Porter’s Lodge trying to get all the final elements of construction finished as well as transferring the bollard designs created by students at Roding Primary on to 13 globe bollards! We’re not quite there yet but will hopefully be finished soon and that’s when the good stuff really begins!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for DIY Porter’s Lodge: Celebrate we had a great day and saw over 300 people enjoying the designs and community events and spirit at each of the three scheme locations. We were so lucky with the weather and the designs looked fabulous in the sunshine, a huge thanks to everyone who helped make the day possible. Big thanks also to the new Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council, Darren Rodwell who also attended and shared his passion and enthusiasm for community led projects like this one, helping to improve areas whilst building civic pride and engagement.

At each of the locations we were gathering feedback about the designs and hearing a range of views about what people thought of the improvements. These are all really important to us and so we’ve spent a lot of time going through all these surveys. If you haven’t had a chance to tell us what you think yet, get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to chat!

Here are a few snaps of the event capturing the day and some of the activities, if you’d like to view more photos please follow this link to our Flickr album.

Tea Party at Cannington Road:


Local Resident feedback: Looks lovely, very welcoming and pleasant


Local resident feedback: It’s looking very nice, much improvement

IMG_8703 - Version 2

Outside the Roundhouse:


Local resident feedback: Never seen anything as good as this, there should be more events like this about safety and traffic – place would be safer.


Local resident feedback: The bright bollards and greenery makes it more attractive and encourages people and animals and makes cars look up – maybe a fountain?


Gale Street/Rugby Road:


Local residents feedback: Very lovely so open


Local resident feedback: Good to see us able to input into design

IMG_8948 - Version 2

Local resident feedback: Be interested to see final speed results after evaluation

IMG_8960 - Version 2

What happens next?

We’re still waiting for the final few bollards to be installed on the build out at Gale Street, as well as the blue surfacing for Cannington road. There is also some art work for Porter’s Avenue and painting on the shop shutters at Gale Street.

When these elements are completed we’ll be looking to collect  our post monitoring results which will consist of speed and volume counts, time-lapse video footage and door to door surveys and focus groups. Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved in one of these sessions. We’ll be completing these elements in the Autumn, which will correspond to the time we took the pre-monitoring for comparison purposes in order to create a robust body of evidence on the impact of the project.

We’re hoping that the community spirit and ownership of the scheme in Becontree continues to flourish and urge all interested residents to get involved with the Mayesbrook ward Residents meetings coordinated by Jim Dunn at LBBD. If you’d like to be involved in ongoing community improvements and continue to have your say in neighbourhood issues which affect us all please contact Jim Dunn directly on [jim.dunn@lbbd.gov.uk] and he’ll be happy to add you to the mailing list.

It’s residents and shopkeepers in the area who can really make all the difference in how the neighbourhood feels. Tiger Stores on Porter’s Avenue has bought and planted up these two benches outside his shop which look fantastic and provide a lovely resting spot for passers by and customers. What do you think?



Thanks for all your feedback so far. Do get in touch with any thoughts, questions or queries. This is your project!


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