It’s lovely to have new flowerbeds and planters as part of the improvements at Cannington road, Porters Avenue and Gale Street but understandably lots of residents and the Council are very concerned about who will be looking after them moving forward, after the Sustrans element of DIY Porters Lodge has finished. There’s nothing worse than planting areas that have been left looking awful and this can really bring an area down…

Throughout the project we have worked with residents, encouraging everyone to feel they have the permission and are empowered to add and contribute to the ongoing planting and maintenance of the planters. However, we recognise that fostering this level of participation takes a long time to build up and take root so  we’ve made a partnership with the borough Community Payback Team who will be able to visit the planting areas, maintain and make sure they’re looking beautiful on a regular basis.

This is a great win win situation as the Council is unable to offer maintenance support due to budget cuts and an already stretched team and the payback team are often looking for tasks across the borough they’re able to help out with. Thanks very much in advance to the Payback team and their coordinators for helping us out and making sure the flowerbeds look fantastic moving forward.

A big thank you also goes to all the fantastic volunteers from Dagenham Starter Farm those who helped plant the bulbs and grasses at Gale Street  – the planter is looking fantastic! Here are the team in action and post planter transformation. Come Spring we can’t wait to see all the bright bulbs blooming into life!

IMG_6923 IMG_6930


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