To complete the improvements outside the school on Cannington road to make the street safer, more attractive and more people friendly. We’re excited to announce that the street outside the school gate will be painted with a blue thermoplastic coating to further reduce car speed and make it easier for children and parents to cross the road. This will be happening on Wednesday 26th November with work starting after school coming out time. The road will be closed for about four hours whilst work takes place so please use alternative routes down Waterbeach or Bromhall Road. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.





The blue road paint is deliberately unconventional, refocusing Cannington road around people, instead of cars, to make it safer and more pleasant for the whole community and in particular encouraging children and parents to cycle, walk and scoot to school.

The road marking is the final stage in the design which has added a wiggly planter, bollards with the children’s designs, and raised the road to the same level of the pavement to ensure cars slow down. So far the changes that have taken place outside the school have caused a 9% decrease in the volume of traffic travelling over 20mph. 

Recent feedback at a Parent/teacher meeting was really positive with residents and parents telling us:

“Now the street is so much better for people, before it was better for cars…but now it’s better for people” Parent

“It feels so much more friendly and open with the bright colours and drivers are starting to be more respectful of each other. It feels like a culture change outside the school gate.” Teacher

“I love the bollards that I helped to design with my art teacher” Pupil

All these changes are important steps in making the streets places to live and spend time in, rather than just speed through.





It’s also very fitting and exciting that the street will be blue to match the Roding Primary School logo of a sailing boat on the River Roding. The children chose to use the colour blue so that it would help to represent their school colours as well as making the street outside the school gate much safer for everyone.




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