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3 thoughts on “Your Page

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I live in Clementhorpe Road, most weeks the any large vehicles trying to get get along my road have to knock on doors to try to get cars or vans moved so they can get through. I hate to think what would happen if there was a fire down my road, because a fire engine could not get through. Vehicles are parked on corners making it difficult or impossible to get through. I do not know if this comes under you.
    Yours M. Robinson.

    • Dear Mr Robinson,

      Just to follow up if you want to report vehicles for illegal parking the direct number to report this on to the enforcement team is: 020 8215 3005

      We’ll be discussing other options for how to look at possible solutions to these access problems at the first design session on 26th April at Roding Primary school hall (cannington road) from 3-5pm so we hope you’re able to join us.

      Kind regards, Phillippa

  2. Thank you very much for your comments. A number of residents have raised similar concerns around parking in the neighbourhood so we’ll be discussing the problems in more detail at future meetings and looking at possible courses of action. Thanks again for your input, hope to see you at our next meeting. (Details will be posted on here shortly). Many thanks, Phillippa

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