For more information please contact: Phillippa Banister, DIY Porter’s Lodge Project Co-ordinator.

Tuesday – Friday 8-6pm.

Email: phillippa.banister@sustrans.org.uk

Telephone: 020 7780 7205

Mobile: 07789 653 888


5 thoughts on “Contact us

    • Hi Chris!

      Thanks for the comment, indeed it’s not ideal and will be chilly!! But we thought it was the best way to grab people as they’re going about their busy Saturdays. It’s a quick meet, greet and writing up of your street comments on the map so hopefully people won’t be standing around for long! Hope to see you there.

    • Hi Chris,

      Just to follow up I hope you’re able to join us at the sessions coming up to have your say – now the weather is warming up hopefully being outside may (!) be more enjoyable! The first session is focusing on Cannington road is on 26th April at Roding school hall (Cannington road) from 3-5pm and the second is on 4th May 11-3pm on Wykeham Green. If you like baking do bring some along to enter into the Becontree Bake Off which will also be taking place! Hope to see you there. Kind regards, Phillippa

    • Hi Clive, Thanks for coming down on Saturday, it was good to meet you. Thanks for your comments, they’ve been added to the others and we’ll be feeding back to residents at coming meetings. If you think of others, do add more! Thanks

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